I am in the process of taking a couple of programing classes in JavaScript, HTML and CSS as well as PostgreSQL so you might say I am in a continual learning state.  I am proficient in using the Microsoft Office suite, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint.   I have some experience in helping others with some of their computer issues like my Grandmother and some of my friends with using their Outlook email application and other computer issues.  I also have some decent typing skills at about 45-50 wpm.

I am familiar with computer hardware and have had the opportunity to build my last two gaming PCs which includes reviewing the Motherboard and CPU specs then pricing them out.  Next I researched the best GPU for the budget that I had.  The rest of the components were RAM, Static HDD, external backup HDD, BD/DVD Burner, Speakers, Monitor, Power supply (must be sufficient to support the GPU and other components), Case with cooling and the lighting aesthetics because I do enjoy an ominous blue glow while gaming in a dark room. 

I have been a volunteer at my church (Covenant Presbyterian ) for the past 7 years where I run the Audio Visual booth for Sunday service.  I usually take care of the PC and video aspects of the service. If you like, we have several recorded services on YouTube that can be accessed through:

From there, You can then navigate to the “Online Media” section of the website and check it out.