Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet

Worked with JavaScript, HTML and CSS as well as PostgreSQL

Typing 45-50 wpm

Assist individuals using their Outlook email application and other computer issues.

I am familiar with computer hardware and have had the opportunity to build my last two gaming PCs which includes reviewing the Motherboard, researching the best GPU to stay on budget, CPU specs and pricing them out. The rest of the components were RAM, Static HDD, external backup HDD, BD/DVD Burner, Speakers, Monitor, Power supply (must be sufficient to support the GPU and other components), Case with cooling and the lighting aesthetics because I do enjoy an ominous blue glow while gaming in a dark room.

I have been a volunteer at my church (Covenant Presbyterian) for the past 8 years where I run the Audio-Visual booth for Sunday service. I usually take care of the PC and video aspects of the service. If you like, we have several recorded services on YouTube that can be accessed through:

Or directly at:


Graduated from Villa Park High School – 2017

Santiago Canyon College – current student pursuing AS Computer Sciences